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Welcome to http://ncat.sourceforge.net/

This is the homepage for development versions of NCAT, the Network Config Audit Tool and RAT, the Router Audit Tool. They were written to facilitate checking of security configuration settings on large numbers of Cisco IOS configurations, but it is simple and general enough to check for required/forbidden settings for any arbitrary config/text file. Examples are given for checking IOS, Cat6k and HTML

I have developed a wrapper to NCAT called rat (Router Audit Tool). It contains a simple tool (snarf) to download configurations and a report generation tool. The rat distribution contains the latest NCAT. The current version contains rules to check configurations against the NSA IOS Rules.

Updated 2013/07/20

The current versions of this project are maintained by the The Center for Internet Security. Current (2013-07-20) versions can be found here: You can pull the rat-2.2 release directly here. Ubuntu users can apt-get version 1.1 (no rules) as "apt-get install router-audit-tool"

Thanks to the Original RAT contributors for helping create the tool and configuration rules.

...and if anybody ever wants to reimplement this in python, I've got a great project name...

br> Here is a link to a Power Point presentation about the Router Audit Tool

Here is a link to the postscript version of a presentation about the Router Audit Tool

Here is a link to sample rat output

Here is a link to rat documentation

Here are the the rat README file and rat INSTALL.txt file

Here is a link to the rules file

Here is an HTTP link to Rob Thomas' excellent security tools.
His Secure IOS config template inspired the creation of this tool

Also see Cisco's Improving Security on Cisco Routers

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